USED TO BE (1970)


Written by Bobby Russell

Produced by Bobby Russell & Douglas Gilmore

I recall a summer morn

We'd had words and you were home

But I called you anyway

Just to wish you "Happy Day"

We were young, but we knew love

Love was all we thought of

Then I let you slip from me far away to used-to-be

Used-to-be's should never end

But you can't live on should've-been

Though I'm living well, you know

My used to be sometimes shows

All the parks are closed today

There's no place where we can play

We've spent every cent, my friend

On used-to-be and should've-been

In 1970, Ms. Lawrence recorded Bobby Russell's composition, "Used to Be," for the movie soundtrack of "The Grasshopper." Bobby Russell wrote and performed the theme song for the film as well.